Five Nights at Thomas's 4: The Final Chapter is the fourth and last sequel to the Five Nights at Thomas's series.

Gameplay Edit

Jfun300 uploaded a short youtube video called "I Look Good". This video is showing spoilers from FNaT 4 (Actually a preview of FNaT 4).

Game Description Edit

It's been 1 minute since Thomas's Pizza Railway 3.0 blew up for good. I wonder what will happen next. We must go through time to find out the true story of Sir Topham Hatt, who exactly Chuck is, and all the stuff that led up to these events. It will be an adventure of a lifetime maybe but probably not actually.

Soundtrack (Incomplete) Edit

Main Menu Theme


Teasers Edit

  • May 15th: Jfun300 posted a news article on the FNaT 3 gamejolt page, the news article is titled "Onion" and the news article shows a image with the Shrek The Final Chapter movie cover with the name "FNaT: The Final Chapter".
  • May 18th: Once again, Jfun300 posted a new news article on the FNaT 3 gamejolt page titled "Welcome Back" and the image shows the FNaT 1 office, in the corner you can see the text "Welcome Back".
  • June 2nd: This is not really a teaser but on this day Jfun300 created the FNaT 4 gamejolt page
  • June 28th: A teaser featuring the Shrek Animatronic head on a plate with the caption "Honey! Dinners ready!"

Game Plans Edit

Jfun300 had planned for this game to be all about the backstory of all the FNaT games.

Sir Topham Hatt would get revenge on Chuck for surviving his three previous restaurants.

The game was suppose to be released on January 10th, 2016 but was cancelled.

Game Reputation Edit

Thought the game was cancelled, Five Nights at Thomas's is a comedy FNaF horror game that will keep us laughing or screaming for ages to come.

Credits Edit

Voices - DjRocketPoodle, Jfun300, and ScrubLordGames

Programming - Jfun300, ScrubLordGames Modeling - Jfun300

Game Design - All of the above

Trivia Edit

  • In the video "Five Nights at Thomas's 4: Modeling Chuck's Cousin", if you pause the video at 1:48, you can see many images that were going to be in the final game.
  • On the Five Nights at Thomas's 4 gamejolt page, the game no longer claims its cancelled so the game may no longer be cancelled. Don't believe me? See for your self by clicking on this link

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