Five Nights At Thomas 3 Edit

Five Nights At Thomas 3 is the third game i the FNAT series


Five Nights At Thomas 3

The Game was published to gamejolt on

Mar 17, 2015 by Jfun300 Edit

Interface Edit

With the new interface, the game felt more like a five nights at Freddy fangame

Game Mechanics Edit

If any of the trains come in one of the hallways. The player has to shine their light for a bit to get them to go away while also not letting the coal generator overheat.

Nights Edit

The Game Features Five nights with an extra sixth night. After that though there is no custom night.

Animitronics/Trains Edit


Sightly Withered Thomas

Majorly Withered Thomas



Easter Eggs Edit

Sir Thopom Hat, He appears randomly to some lucky players. He appears to look a bit like the marionet

Sir Thompom hat

Discription Edit

Welcome to the newest location of Thomas's Pizza Railway! This new loacation is now owned and operated by a man named Chuck. Its been about 2 years and 1 day since the old location closed. Technically its not a new location they just took the old location and gave it a MAKEOVER :D! Anyways nobody can understand what Chuck is saying so people don't know how much the pizza costs.