Sir Topham Hatt
Sir Topham Terrifying
Sir Topham Hatt as seen in Five Nights at Thomas's 3
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Status Alive
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Sir Topham Hatt (past names; The Fat Director and The Fat Controller) is one of the main supporting characters in the Five Nights at Thomas's series. He is a confusing conductor, and makes an appearance (or can be heard) in every game.

Five Nights at Thomas's Edit

Sir Topham Hatt serves as the phone guy to tell chuck what to do in the game but not all the nights because his calls doesn't make no advices for example, In the Night 1 phone call, Sir Topham Hatt welcomes Chuck on his job as a security guard at Thomas's Pizza Railway and introduces himself his conductor, as Sir Topham Hatt, tries to tell chuck some "useful information", his mother starts calling him for dinner and Sir Topham Hatt tells her to shut up, Dowager scolds him and then he apologies. He gets more confusing and scary in the phone calls.

Five Nights at Thomas's 2 Edit

Sir Topham Hatt starts another Thomas restaurant with "a lot of money", updating with three doors, 2 trains and camera system. so there's one less paycheck for the week, Also in his phones calls, he seem to give chuck some advice what to do in the game. But during the final phone call between night 4 to 5, He gets capture by James and raped with his funnel, injecting a yellow fluid into his body which transforms Sir Topham Hatt into a Marionette, leader of the ghost trains.

Five Nights at Thomas's 3 Edit

There is an Easter Egg were Sir Topham Hatt appears randomly to some lucky players. He appears to look a bit like the marionette from Five Nights at Freddy's 2. Also since he doesn't appear in the phone calls in the 3rd game it could be possible that in night 2, Chuck's Cousin tells that a owner handed him to work as the conductor so it is unlikey if the owner is sir topham hatt.

Five Nights at Thomas's 4 Edit

Sir Topham Hatt tries to get revenge on Chuck for surviving his three previous restaurants.

Gallery Edit

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